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Four Seasons And My Story Of Modelling and Photography

Winter - by Andrea's Mom

Winter - by Andrea's Mom

Hi guys,

My name is Andrea, I'm 16 years old and live in beautiful Austria. I love healthy food, fashion, going to the gym and spending time with my friends and family. And more particularly, I like standing in front of the camera, as well as behind it to take pictures of my fashion, nature, friends and my family.

Taking photos, for me, is saving a moment. Especially with Pictures in the nature, a little town or from yourself. One day you can look back and see what changed, and that's really impressive.

Autumn - by  @linakernacs

Autumn - by @linakernacs

When I was young, I always loved standing in front of the camera. My biggest dream was to become a model, like many girls wish the same in my age. So far my dreams haven't changed much. It's still my biggest dream to stand in front of a good or even professional photographer’s lens. With it, my second biggest dream is to travel a lot. Cities, seas, big lakes, cold zones, hot zones, gigantic forests, I want to see as much as I can from the whole world.

My story with the Camera and my favorite App Instagram (@0nem0ment) started nearly one year ago. I got my first camera at the end of December 2015. Before this time I always took pictures with my friends on my old phone. But I wanted the same images like what the professional models have on Instagram, so I bought my camera. I tried to take pictures and learnt a ton about this hobby. Later my best friends, my mom and I did casual photoshoots with my camera and I could improve my modelling skills.

It's incredible to see the change compared to old pictures I, or my friends took of me.
So many things are different. I can express feelings in pictures better and don't look so grim anymore. I can relax my face. I'm not as shy as i was at the beginning. I have more confidence now. Standing in front of the camera makes me happy.

I love being on Instagram and discover new fashion photographers and models. It's a place full of amazing people. They are my greatest inspiration for poses, new picture ideas and fashion outfits.

In the future I want all my dreams to come true. I'll work for it, and won't give up.

By Andrea Novak

I met Andrea first on Instagram, and was amazed by how pure the modelling and photography were, the embodiment of simplism and beauty. Then I invited her to do a guest blog on my site, and I was extremely happy to receive this beautiful story of herself.
— Dali Ma, LA and Orange County Fashion Photographer