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Do Fashion Photographers Do Well With Weddings?

While you certainly can argue that fashion photographers and wedding photographers see their subjects in different perspectives, and yes they do in many cases, there are certain times a fashion photographer excels in delivering wedding or engagement projects.

It's you big day, it's your wedding day, and hopefully you plan to only do it once. And after the entire day of excitement, joy, wishes from friends, you anticipate impressive and beautiful photos, that are about YOU. But when you actually received it from your photographer, you are like


This is particularly the case in Orange County, or LA, Southern California, where there's an abundance of photographers.

A bridal shot with fashion concepts in mind

A bridal shot with fashion concepts in mind

While a wedding photographer generally keep a similar style, and very likely to each other's as well, for the sake of, to some extent, guarantee satisfying results. Satisfying, but nothing unusual. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just the same thing.

A fashion photographer, a good one, has in his "job description" keeping up with the trend. He or she is usually tasked with conceptualising the set, the background, as well as the model, the clothing, and styling. And if a fashion photographer keep the same skill level for long, he or she won't be in business for too long.

Here is a bridal shot I took recently with a fashion concept in mind.

And of course, some wedding photographers do concentrate on wedding alone, and excel at it. They think outside the box, and deliver something truly unique.

But they don't come in cheap. And for me, I personally prefer a fashion photographer, to bring in a magazine quality image to my most memorable day. And that's how I usually conceptualise my shot, my photos, as my dual identity as a fashion and wedding photographer. And I see each of my wedding or engagement photoshoot as my fashion project.

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